We Are those nerds in science class that have an answer for every question.


We know  that the responsibility of owning a business comes with a lot of emotions: excitement, determination, pride, worry. Let us take some of that worry away. Clarity Zest is a company that shares your excitement and enthusiasm for your small business whilst also staying focused on achieving your business goals. We not only have an understanding of what works within design but also why it works in the context of science. We are therefore confident that we will be able to provide simple, effective solutions to your design problems and build you a brand that your customers can connect with. 



  • Logo design

  • Visual Identity

  • Marketing Materials

  • Print Collateral


Meet The Founder


Aimee Castle - Lead Graphic Designer

Graduating with a first class in Biomedical Science, Aimee always found learning to be addictive. Every 'what' had a 'why' and a 'how' to investigate and she brought that mentality with her when she made the leap to design. Why does our brain interpret curved letters to be shorter than straight ones? How do different colours trigger such different emotions?

As the founder and lead designer at Clarity Zest Creative, Aimee merges her  knowledge of how the brain works with refined design skills to create trusted solutions that clients connect with.


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